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Motion Fitness develops interactive and state-of-the-art Exergaming (Active Game) products. The focus of products is on three key initiatives:

1) Improve Health & Fitness

2) Improve Academics

3) Improve Social Behavior

Motion Fitness provides fitness dealers with a simple turnkey solution for adding Exergaming to your existing business model.

Our dealers make the difference.

With dealers around the world, consumers trust Motion Fitness professionals for proven and dependable products. With regular access to education and training, Exergame dealers continue to be recognized as the industry experts.

Our products make the difference

Our premium, innovative products are differentiated to set you apart from your competition. And Motion Fitness simple system approach gives you the advantage by providing your customers effective and easy ways to create a successful Exergame program.

Our solutions make the difference

Motion Fitness has teamed up with the leading Exergame Fitness & Active Game Play companies to provide continued research and product improvements.

Motion Fitness provides our Dealers with:

  • Proven Products
  • Continued Education
  • National Product Exposure
  • Customer Service