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Eyeplay – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I can’t see an image on the floor but I can hear sound from the games.
– Make sure the projector is turned on. Use the Projector’s remote control to turn it on. Look upwards and make sure that light is shining from the lens. If there is not light, make sure the batteries in the remote are working. Then if there is still no light please contact
The keyboard is not working and nothing responds when I press on the keys.
– Replace batteries. Turn the keyboard over and remove the battery cover to replace batteries. If after replacing the batteries keyboard is still not responding, please contact
– Make sure the keyboard is powered on. Some keyboards will have an off/on switch on the top.
I can see the games on the floor but can’t hear the sound.
– Hit the mute buttons on the keyboard or press the volume + and – buttons on the keyboard to check volume levels.
I can’t see an image on the floor and can’t hear any sound from the games
– Press the [Projectors] tab and check how the projector and system are scheduled. Check the Turning On/Off Projectors chapter of the user manual.
When I open the system there is no playlist to launch
– Click the [load playlist] button and choose a list from the available ones (refer to building a new list of games to play chapter of the user manual)