TWALL - The Interactive Touch Wall

TWALLTargeted Training with a Fun Factor.The tWALL transforms light into movement. It is simple yet challenging as the user has to deactivate the touch wall lights as soon as it appears. Whether training for power, agility, endurance, or reaction, the tWALL is the ultimate fitness gaming platform.Training on the tWall develops these skills and abilities:• Visual perception / eye-hand coordination• Coordination skills. Especially responsiveness, ability to make connections, and differentiation ability.• Fitness conditioning. Speed or reaction and movement, reactive strength, speed strength, • Flexibility• Cognitive skills. The tWall ® is an interactive reaction wall that is easy to use and
programmable, making it ideal for a broad range of applications.
The ability to react as quickly as possible to a stimulus or a signal, and to move at maximumspeed, also against resistance. The Twall does this in two forms: (1) Action speed: (reached over the contraction and movement speeds of the nerve-muscle system.) (2) Reaction speed: (the psychophysical ability to respond to stimuli and signals.)EnduranceThe body’s resistance to fatigue and/or the rapid ability to recover after stress. More specifically, endurance is the ability to cope with a certain stress (such as running speed) over the longest possible time without prematurely tiring physically and mentally, and to recover again as quickly as possible.The Twall trains high-speed endurance and short-term endurance. CoordinationThe interaction of the peripheral, central nervous system and skeletal muscles. Through this, impulses should reach the corresponding muscles within a sequence of movements, which are coordinated in terms of time strength and scope.With Twall training we can differentiate between:Ability to orientateRhythmBalanceResponsivenessAbility to make connections (connecting sub-movements)Ability to differentiateAdaptabilityUpper limb coordinationCognitionThe general term for the processes and products of perception, recognition, reasoning,concluding, judgment, memory, etc.The Twall challenges the user to improve mental processes by performing tasks which involve moving the upper and/or lower body. The training is divided into a right and left side. FlexibilityThe ability to make arbitrary and selective movements with the necessary and optimaloscillation width of the involved joints.” .The Twall aim is training to achieve the full range of leg and hip joint motion.

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CUSTOM BRANDED TOUCH-WALL (tWALL)Engaging / Easy to Play / Share and Interact

See what you can do with tWALL – Adult Fitness Video

About tWall:The tWall® is particularly suited to achieve the following training objectives:

Reaction Training :- especially reaction timing and cognitive abilities.

Coordination Training :- hand-eye-coordination and balance

Strength-Endurance-Training.Click here to download/view tWall “”ebook””

tWall features and advantages : –Control Panel and Functions:-The control panel is simply structured and clearly arranged. A program can be selected and executed with just a single push of a button. Using the 12 operating buttons, the programs can either be started directly or be selected from the display in the main menu. It is possible to save 10 high scores for every program which are displayed in the high score menu. Scores and times will also appear on the control panel screen. Depending on the program, the total and the current number of goals, the number of mistakes and the required playing time will be displayed for one or two players.

Programming / Remote ControlSoftwareThe provided computer software allows it to operate the tWall® by remote control which enable the user to create programs and to manage the players and their results. For this purpose, the computer will be connected to the tWall via a USB cable. Now the program can be started. The software will recognize automatically if a tWall has been connected, what the twall version is and whether the program will be executed in the simulation mode.

The tWall software contains a wide range of functions such as executing programs at the tWall, creating new and editing existing programs, as well as simulating programs on the computer. Furthermore, different events and actions (touch pad lights up or will be deactivated) can be assigned to certain sounds using the software.Creating new programs with the help of the program editor is simple and easy even for non-professionals. The requested touch pads can be activated using the mouse and it is possible to set shortcut conditions and colors. The created programs can always be edited, new sequences can be added or existing ones be deleted. It is also possible to edit the shortcut conditions for the touch pads (one after the other, at the same time or delayed) and the colors of the signals again afterwards.Timing, Reaction, Speed and Lots of Fun:

ApplicationsFitness, athletics and serious sport:

With the help of the twall®, coordination, reaction rate, accuracy of movements and endurance can be trained and measured. In the fitness domain it is possible to implement client-specific training tasks to achieve the individual objectives of each person. The twall® is an ideal supplement and a great possibility to assess the training condition and efficiency, especially for types of sport that demand a quick sequence and accuracy of movements.

Prevention and rehabilitation:Exercises at the tWall® can be combined with cognitive tasks by integrating different colors and acoustic signals. That is the reason that the tWall can be used wherever movements are to be initiated or where movements will activate certain areas of the brain or the nervous system. That particularly refers to the rehabilitation of limited mobility and of limited ability to respond caused by neurological reasons.Endurance…Within the science of sport, endurance stands for the resistance of the organism towards exhaustion. With help of the tWall touch wall lights, the continuous execution of moving tasks at constant speed and accuracy can be trained effectively. No matter what type of endurance shall be trained – speed, medium- or long-term endurance – in an easy way, all different kinds of endurance requests can be exercised selectively and efficiently using the tWall.Buildings and public institutions:

The twall® is of much interest for public institutions, fitness hotels or even cruise liners for two of its attributes: The effect to motivate and the effect to be recognized. A game at the twall® animates and refreshes, lifts the mood and makes fun! Customers will think back to that experience, and it will subconsciously influence their decision when choosing the accommodation for their next journey.Coordination und reaction …Coordination (physiology) means the harmonious co-action of all muscles. The coordination of a certain course of movements can specifically be trained at the twall. Muscles, receptors, tendons and joints that are all part of a movement can be trained to achieve a more optimal interaction. During the execution of the exercise, it is possible to take the time to assess and to improve the reaction rate.Mobilization …Our time is characterized by a lack of exercise, a monotony of movements and stress. At the same time, we do have an oversupply of energy. The effect of that imbalance can very obviously be noticed in children and teenagers. Since it is possible to use the twall in a playful competition, it is an excellent way to support active mobilization and therefore, to avoid imbalances.


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