Movement based tools for training.Power: the ability to act, accomplish; strength; might; force.Agility: the ability to move quickly and nimbly and act with intellectual acuity; ingenuity.Speed: rapidity in moving or performing; swiftness.All of STROOPS products are engineered and tested in house by top engineers and professional athletes. Stroops products are all manufactured in house or in America by the finest materials. Engineering products that deliver unbeatable training sessions and make our customers champions is our number one goal.By focusing on innovative design you can feel and industry leading quality, our products have evolved into the best available in the world. And we’re just getting started.STROOPS® Performance With the ability to enhance standard weight training to Functional Training & evolve into more Performance based training, the Stroops® Strength line focus’ primarily on movement rather than muscles. Our goal is not only to enhance one’s lean muscle mass, but to improve your PERFORMANCE.There is no offseason for CHAMPIONS! Stroops® Strength training products will take your strength training to an entirely new level. From Plyometric training boxes to High Resistance strength training resistance bands Stroops® innovative products have transformed the weight room into an explosive experience of training at the speed of sport.At the forefront of Stroops strength training is the Beast, “the rope that fights back!”. Slastix® has evolved traditional “functional” training into an all-out battle. You’ve heard about the intensity and high level of training Stroops® high resistance training products offer, now its your turn to take on the Beast.Burning your legs and generating brute force with the lower body the Accelerator by Stroops® has been the top selling High Resistance training product for years. Along with the Beast, these two beasts will push you to your body’s limits.


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