About the Kettler Products:BikesAll KETTLER electric bikes are equipped with the newest Panasonic manganese lithium ion rechargeable battery system, which makes riding more pleasurable. This electric bicycle battery system has a total range of more than 50 miles per charged battery (12Ah battery). Each KETTLER electric bicycle, or e-bike, also comes equipped with a security package which includes a solid frame lock integrated securely into the frame with the same key locking both the frame lock and battery securely. Just like all KETTLER bicycles, the sturdy e-bike frames are put through a 3-step powder coating process and still assembled in our own factories in Germany where they’ve been hand-built for more than 40 years. If you are considering hybrid bikes to make your daily rides easier or a city bike to help with your commute, consider a KETTLER bicycle.CycleCycling is one of the most effective exercises to improve stamina, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and strokes, increase metabolism and generally improve the quality of life for people of all ages. Cycling is also an excellent aerobic conditioner that helps to build strength, boost endurance, reduce stress and lose weight. KETTLER stationary bikes offer all of these benefits without the user having to leaving the comfort and security of the indoors. Many cyclists as well as general sports enthusiasts use the low-body stress of indoor cycling to round out their fitness programs and give their whole body a complete circulatory and aerobic improvement. Using an exercise bike indoors enables those users to fit an exercise regimen into their schedules’ day or night. KETTLER offers a number of different types of exercise bicycles. The recumbent exercise bike offers easier access and a more comfortable exercise position, while the ergonomic upright exercise bike is often the choice of those involved in serious athletic training. Whatever the user’s preference, KETTLER is the choice for quality, durable equipment.RowerRowing is one of the best full-body workouts because it challenges every major muscle group of the body. KETTLER Rowing machines help to strengthen and tone the muscular system while at the same time providing an excellent cardiovascular workout. Rowing machines also offer a well-balanced form of stamina training which improves the performance of both the circulatory and respiratory system. Rowing also improves and maintains flexibility and is impact free. Rowers also provide an excellent way to lose weight, burn calories and rehabilitate muscles, ligaments and joints while also helping to relieve stress. Whether you are a novice or personal trainer, young or old, KETTLER rowers offer the perfect workout suitable for all ages and skill levels.Elliptical Cross TrainerElliptical trainers are the newest low-impact exercise equipment that meets the overall need to provide a fast and effective training session without strenuous impact to the body. With elliptical trainer machines, you receive the benefits of weight bearing exercises such as jogging or running without the wear and tear on joints because your feet never leave the footplates! In addition to providing a great and effective cardiovascular workout, KETTLER elliptical machines also offer superior fat burning benefits, even more than a treadmill. Another benefit of the elliptical trainer is that you are working out all four limbs equally, so you don’t have to concentrate on a specific muscle group in your training session. The cross trainer helps you stay fit and feel better while you get an exhilarating workout on specialized exercise equipment. Since elliptical machines work out so many muscle groups simultaneously with minimal impact, they might be the perfect exercise equipment for you.A regular cardiovascular workout is key to any weight loss program and KETTLER home treadmills are unsurpassed in making this possible. Today people recognize the advantages of owning treadmills, rather than having to pay for expensive and inconvenient gym memberships. KETTLER has the best treadmills online. We offer improved stability and intuitive controls making start-up as simple as pushing a single button. KETTLER treadmills offer a dazzling array of features to customize any workout regimen. The TX1 and TX3 have some of the largest, quietest, smoothest operating motors of any treadmills in their class, guaranteeing the optimum workout for any user. With their superior engineered safety features built in to each treadmill, the TX1 and TX3 will offer a dependable, reliable and satisfying workout for years to come. These folding treadmill models make it easy and convenient to keep exercise treadmills at home without taking up precious space when they are not in use.


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