Humane Fitness Floor

About Humane:

Humane Manufacturing offers a variety of recycled rubber fitness flooring options for both home and commercial use. Humane is a leader in the innovation of the rubber floor mat industry and has adopted concepts such as the interlocking system for flooring and excessive duress mat systems and duress locking systems. Humane has been a leading national brand recognized by the fitness, equine, dairy, and industrial markets as one of the highest quality products in the world. Trusted by universities, fitness centers, gyms, Hollywood and more, Humane delivers safe, durable, and effective flooring solutions to meet your exact specifications.

Guardian Flooring Systems:

Guardian Flooring Systems are an industry standard for recycled rubber interlocking floor systems. Humane was the first company to utilize the non-adhering interlocking system and our mats are used by facilities all over the world.Many commercial equipment companies prefer Guardian Flooring Systems because they can also be pre-cut to size utilizing CAD drawings or accurate measurements, which reduces installation time and creates a lot less scrap.

Shok Lok Flooring Systems:

Shok-Lok is the newest line of fitness mats from Humane Manufacturing, and helps alleviate the problem of noise and vibration in a fitness room. The Shok-Lok system of mats utilizes a special design which significantly reduces the amount of vibration and noise that is transferred from the fitness equipment to the floor. This is a great addition to any facility and can be used even on existing floor systems to reduce noise and vibration.


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