Freedom Climber

FREEDOM CLIMBERFreedom Climber is now configured to integrate body weight training and resistance exercises. Now, the Freedom Climber, besides providing all the benefits that come from rotational climbing, becomes a fitness station for countless exercises that can be done with body weight straps and resistance bands. In addition, dozens of exercise can be done on the climbing surface that range from calf extensions to jump ups.With a movement toward studios and personal trainers and a trend toward less floor occupying equipment, Freedom Climber offers facilities an opportunity to add an amazing feature wall that is attractive, innovative, and extremely functional in providing a whole body workout for multiple people at one time.MAIN FEATURES:The climbing surface rotates either clockwise or counter-clockwiseThe action of climbing causes the rotation The speed of rotation can be adjusted and is held constant by a patented mechanism*With the turn of a knob the speed of rotation can be set anywhere from a slower, easy climb to a rapid, challenging climbThe user is climbing while maintaining a safe distance from the floor at all times As the climber attempts to climb up, the climbing surface rotates down keeping the user in the same location When the climber stops climbing the rotation stopsThe climbing surface rotates and is constantly changing, the climber experiences physiological benefits not realized in conventional climbing. The body’s muscle groups are worked in rotational movements. All climbing develops core muscle and provides stabilizer muscle conditioning, there is also improvement in-Hand/grip strength Dexterity Stamina Flexibility Eye-Hand Coordination.Within seconds your heart rate is increased, within weeks you are realizing cardiovascular improvement.

ECO FRIENDLYOperating without electricity and constructed of recycled and renewable components,the Freedom Climber minimizes its impact on the environment.SPACE SAVING DESIGNThe Freedom Climber extends out from the wall 8″ and fits in rooms with 8 foot ceilings. The width is 110″.Benefits the Freedom Climber brings to your location.In your fitness center the Freedom Climber provides your members with a revolutionary climbing experience.In your kids zone the Freedom Climber provides your youth with safe, fun, challenging climbing.In your office the Freedom Climber provides your workers with an easy, low impact way to get their blood flowing and reinvigorate themselves throughout the work day.In your home the Freedom Climber provides your family members and friends an opportunity to add climbing to their daily activities. Both parent and child, or friend with friend, can climb at the same time; one climbing up, the other climbing down – both busy climbing in a coordinated, team building exercise.


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