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About Steelflex fitnessSteel Mind, Flex Body Simple is the best. It is not a slogan. It is top principle. Listen to yourself, and your body will tell you the right way to build up your shape. All limitation setups by exercise equipments are unnecessary. We insist people are keys, all equipments should match people’s instinct action, not to restrict people. Based on our top principle, we do not use cutting-edge technology, but adopt the right technology to user when we design every master piece of Steelflex equipment. Because we believe people’s nature movement should be the best methods to guide their bodies, Steelflex products will not interference people when they are exercising. Only thing we provide to you is nothing more than a nature,comfortable, and safety exercise experience. Welcome to explore Steelflex world. Our products may not be surprised you at the first sight, but you will definitely love and enjoy them when you experience.Steelflex Product Features:Safety: The most important thing when designing the Electronic Control System is Safety to prevent injury to the user.To avoid Surging a double safety circuit design feedback system has been added. For high and low current fluctuations we have a protection system. The running deck position is low to reassure the users safety when operating.Easy to Use: Designed with a one – touch operating system. Multi functioned to cater to different usersPractical: The whole machine is user friendly, totally designed with the user in mind. Good interaction between the console and the user. User-friendly speed bar (patented). Flexible running deck, added cushioning to ease the pressure of the joints.Stable: Built low to the ground for added stability


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